SOUL BAG review of Holdin’ On

Written by Eric Doidy
Transaltion by Pierre Largent
Fall Issue 2008

Born in Chicago, IL, Diamond Jim Greene was influenced by Blind Arvella Grey and his style of expressive metallic guitar. In a style in the beginning similiar to Cephas and Wiggins, but rapidly opened to other influences. And you can feel it in his forth CD. As time went by, Mr. Greene learned to balance his voice with instuments and also, developed a clean musical personality. Helping him to develop a southern musical variation (bass, drummer, piano, trombone, mandolin, and violin). Nice technique on this CD. Very familiar with people who like metallic guitar (Blind Boy Fuller, Reverend Gary Davis, Memphis Jug Band, Robert Johnson…), but reinterpreted with a new touch and also playing with less notable players (gregg Allman, Percy Mayfield, Hank Williams, Jr…). We hope in the future to see those musicians playing with him on his next visit to Europe.